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Chandrima Version 2.0

Nov 27· 2 min read

Myself, Chandrima , started blogging for the first time and it gives me immense pleasure as I am writing about myself to let others know about me.
Started my journey as Digital Marketing Entrepreneur and look forward to help my father grow his business by bringing him in online platform.
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Chandrima, the Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, yet again bagged recognition from Times Magazine::
Our Bureau,Agencies| Kolkata | Published 30.11.2022
The Times Magazine has recognized Chandrima as Digital Marketing Entrepreneur and Inspiration for many other women who wish to do something in life but need that little push to come out of their comfort zone and balance between personal and professional front.
As we asked Chandrima about her journey , she became nostalgic thinking of those days where she was having almost all comfort life can offer — a supporting friend turned husband, sweet daughter to cuddle with and loving family with all its warmth , last but not the least a good corporate career ..But somerhing was missing as she dreams to roam around the world , to become a brand by herself who can help others in terms of creating employment, monitory support to the needy women to support their family. And then got a opportunity to kick off the gate of her dreamland ..And she became a Digital Marketing Entrepreneur and she is grateful to her Mentors.
Chandrima started her small set up at home but now having office with 20 employees , she calls Team. She helped many small business to get the boost by moving them online platform.
Chandrima is a happy mother as she encourages her daughter to be herself, love nature and people around us and spend very lil or no time in video game or mobile.
We wish Chandrima many more successes in her life and make India proud as she started working with international clients as well.
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